June 2012 Featured Writer: Ally Wright

Ally Wright is about to start her fourth quarter of putting off real life by attending graduate school.  She loves to travel and to write, and hopes to one day combine these into a moneymaking endeavor.  Her greatest achievement in writing so far is receiving the “Best Writer” award in Mrs. Thorton’s first grade class,Continue reading “June 2012 Featured Writer: Ally Wright”

May 2012 Featured Writer: Seth Crowe

 is an undergraduate student in the writing program at SCAD-Atlanta. He previously attended Carrollton High School and the University of West Georgia. Crowe is in his final year at SCAD and plans on continuing his work as a fiction writer. The Dead Confederate (Excerpt) New York, May 1964 They wore their skin likeContinue reading “May 2012 Featured Writer: Seth Crowe”