December 2012 Featured Writer: Gabi Santelices

Gabi is an anemic from Florida who now lives in Atlanta where she suffers through her own living hell in the cold to study sequential arts at SCAD-Atlanta. She minors in creative writing and is fueled by cute things and sugar. Light We know this night is different. He does not belong here, just outsideContinue reading “December 2012 Featured Writer: Gabi Santelices”

October 2012 Featured Writer: Trina Love

Trina Love has been reading and writing since kindergarten, but developed her writing skills at Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Art in Advanced Writing and Rhetoric. She’s been a technical writer and editor for more than 18 years, writing technical manuals, online help, and web content for fortune 500 companies. She writes fantasy fiction,Continue reading “October 2012 Featured Writer: Trina Love”

September 2012 Featured Writer: Courtney Marcelo Norton

Courtney Marcelo Norton is a graduate writing student at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.  She lives in Buckhead with her husband and four-year old son.  She has also practiced as a trial attorney in Atlanta since 2004.  She enjoys writing fiction. Snake Oil A Reconstructive Tonic, says the sign, the words curling aboveContinue reading “September 2012 Featured Writer: Courtney Marcelo Norton”

August 2012 Featured Writer: Briana Almeida

Briana Almeida, aka “Bre”, is an undergrad writing major at SCAD-Atlanta from Boston, Ma. Originally an illustration major, she found passion in creating artwork of words and plans to obtain her masters in fiction. She hopes to incorporate her journey in tattooing, watercolor art and foreign cultures into her work, while maintaining a day jobContinue reading “August 2012 Featured Writer: Briana Almeida”

July 2012 Featured Writer: Wesley Berryman

Wesley Berryman is a fashion design student at SCAD-Atlanta. He was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and always knew that he was different from the other kids who were running around the country side. Wearing custom Versace since leaving the womb, he is devoted to fashion and plans to dominate his senior collection showContinue reading “July 2012 Featured Writer: Wesley Berryman”

June 2012 Featured Writer: Ally Wright

Ally Wright is about to start her fourth quarter of putting off real life by attending graduate school.  She loves to travel and to write, and hopes to one day combine these into a moneymaking endeavor.  Her greatest achievement in writing so far is receiving the “Best Writer” award in Mrs. Thorton’s first grade class,Continue reading “June 2012 Featured Writer: Ally Wright”

May 2012 Featured Writer: Seth Crowe

 is an undergraduate student in the writing program at SCAD-Atlanta. He previously attended Carrollton High School and the University of West Georgia. Crowe is in his final year at SCAD and plans on continuing his work as a fiction writer. The Dead Confederate (Excerpt) New York, May 1964 They wore their skin likeContinue reading “May 2012 Featured Writer: Seth Crowe”