December 2013 Featured Writer: Yves Jeffcoat

Yves Jeffcoat is a writing student at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  She is a staff writer at BurnAway and lives in Atlanta, GA. My Life: A Memoir I told my boyfriend I’d never have children because I’d be too afraid I’d eat them. “What the fuck?” he said. “Yeah, you know,” IContinue reading “December 2013 Featured Writer: Yves Jeffcoat”

November 2013 Featured Writer: Sybil McLain-Topel

Sybil McLain-Topel is an MFA student in the SCAD-Atlanta Writing Program. Lavender No. 19 La Lavande. La lavande me manque. Lavender is missing to me. This is the French construction of the phrase ‘I miss lavender.’ When I say I miss my lover, I say in English, I miss you. In French I say, youContinue reading “November 2013 Featured Writer: Sybil McLain-Topel”

October 2013 Featured Writer: Melody Benjamin

Melody Benjamin is an MFA student in the SCAD-Atlanta Writing Program. A Malady My mother says that God told her to name me Melody. She says He led her to a verse: Ephesians 5:19 “…singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;” In Isaiah 43:1, God tells Israel, “I have called you byContinue reading “October 2013 Featured Writer: Melody Benjamin”

September 2013 Featured Writer: Sheronda Gipson

Sheronda Gipson is an MFA student in the SCAD-Atlanta Writing Program. Where Everybody Knows Your Name “Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.”  The dark leather couches are situated to encourage conversation and interaction. Sectioned off, it accommodates no more than five to six people but more could squeeze in. Men,Continue reading “September 2013 Featured Writer: Sheronda Gipson”

August 2013 Featured Writer: Liz Enright

Liz Enright is a Maryland born lady living in the South. She’s working towards a BFA in sequential art and a minor in creative writing and clocks more time at her drafting table than she does with other humans. The Otis Complex I flick a soggy cigarette butt off the lip of Otis’ bejeweled dinnerContinue reading “August 2013 Featured Writer: Liz Enright”

July 2013 Featured Writer: Hally Joseph

Hally Joseph is an Atlanta native and has the freckles to prove it. Though she is currently a freelance writer pursuing an MFA in Writing, she’s previously worked as a marketing manager at a professional theater, a summer camp counselor, a Chico’s sales associate, a soccer referee and she once was paid to host teaContinue reading “July 2013 Featured Writer: Hally Joseph”

June 2013 Featured Writer: Nikki Igbo

Nikki Igbo is freelance writer currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at SCAD. She makes both her husband Emmanuel and her dog Genesis read everything she writes. They acquiesce because she makes a mean pot of gumbo. You can read Nikki’s work at or in the opinions section at Mrs. Wendal I spent fiveContinue reading “June 2013 Featured Writer: Nikki Igbo”

May 2013 Featured Writer: Jonathan O’Connor

Fire Breather The circus was in town. Savoy waited in line for popcorn, smelling the butter, salted caramel, and cotton candy wafting out the snack bar window. It was the last stop before entering a world of fantasy. Its rigid walls looked like a child’s lemonade stand and stood in stark comparison to the flimsyContinue reading “May 2013 Featured Writer: Jonathan O’Connor”

April 2013 Featured Writer: Caroline Huftalen

Caroline Huftalen is finishing up her MFA in writing at SCAD-Atlanta. She writes essays, short stories and is currently working on her first novel. While keeping her background in journalism fresh, but allowing for her own writing aesthetic to shine through, she runs a blog,  Full House I was counting fence posts. That’s what IContinue reading “April 2013 Featured Writer: Caroline Huftalen”

February 2013 Featured Writer: Bridget Walsh

Bridget Walsh is an undergraduate fashion marketing and management major and writing minor at SCAD-Atlanta. She spends most of her time drinking root beer and online shopping. She hopes to be a buyer for a specialty store while continuing to write her short stories. The Naturalist The postcards stopped coming in August. The last one sent wasContinue reading “February 2013 Featured Writer: Bridget Walsh”