December 2016: Ivy Hall Review Features Lauren May

For Lauren, writing is a compulsion and has always been her preferred medium for making sense of  life. She loves exploring spirituality and the healing arts, both ancient and modern, and has been teaching yoga for two and half years. She finds solace in improv comedy, mundane moments, and deep belly breathing. Absolved I was seeing nuns everywhere. Behind me inContinue reading “December 2016: Ivy Hall Review Features Lauren May”

November 2016: Ivy Hall Review Jasmyne-Nicole Walker

Hailing from Albany, GA, Jasmyne-Nicole is a cultural rhetorician and wordsmith with a lot to say. When she’s not playing with words, J-N can be found playing the roles of butler, awesome aunty, chef, and entertainer to her almost-two nephew, Beau, and her almost-one Pitbull-Retrievers, Treble and Bass. GENERATE is a creative competition hosted by SCAD eachContinue reading “November 2016: Ivy Hall Review Jasmyne-Nicole Walker”

February 2016: Ivy Hall Review Features Megan Huxley

Megan Huxley is a BFA writing student. She graduates in March and plans to take a year off before graduate school to further explore writing and reading. Catfishing Through Time It’s amazing how common words can take on radically new meanings throughout time. A word that formally recalled one, clear image to mind can holdContinue reading “February 2016: Ivy Hall Review Features Megan Huxley”

January 2016: Ivy Hall Review Features Lauren Small

Although Lauren’s heart resides in Tennessee, she has a love affair with Atlanta, Georgia. Falling in love with the creative culture of the city she is now earning her MFA in Writing. Lauren finds inspiration in creative non-fiction and cliché dating guides.  How to Become a Baseball Fanatic Learn the game. To love any sport isContinue reading “January 2016: Ivy Hall Review Features Lauren Small”