December 2021: Poetry Month at Honeycomb

Jackson Williams: Jackson is a third-year student pursuing a BFA in writing. His dream is to become an educator and published author. Through poetry, he explores themes of contemporary art and his identity as an American. Sonnet for Lost Souls The old one struggles with his cigarette—A cold night on the beach; the wind isContinue reading “December 2021: Poetry Month at Honeycomb”

November 2021 Feature Writer: Chiara Atoyebi

Chiara is a second-year graduate student in the MFA writing program. She is an environmental advocate who loves to watch slow-living videos on YouTube. You can find her reading a book. Harmony Island (Excerpt) By the time I turned eighteen, I knew that my life on Harmony Island would be different because of my mother. Not aContinue reading “November 2021 Feature Writer: Chiara Atoyebi”

October 2021 Feature Writer: Greta Browne

Greta Browne, born and raised in Los Angeles, graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English Literature. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design while living and working in Washington D.C. Cupid’s Games I hadn’t thought of Ruby in monthsContinue reading “October 2021 Feature Writer: Greta Browne”

September 2021 Feature Writer: Martha Cabral

Martha was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which is unfortunate because she hates the heat. She talks about video games too much and has watched every movie you’ve never heard of. She enjoys a good story, wherever she can find one, but her writing always comes back those angst-filled teenage years. She’s currently pursuingContinue reading “September 2021 Feature Writer: Martha Cabral”

August 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Rachael Needham

Rachael Needham was born in Covington, Georgia in 1994. She has a deep love for creating, whether it’s home cooked dishes for her family or organizing a narrative on the page. Rachael was adopted and is very open about telling her story, of which she is in the process of turning into a memoir. SheContinue reading “August 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Rachael Needham”

July 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Elisa Villegas Cascardo

Born and raised in Colombia, Elisa Villegas Cascardo is a Sequential Art major who loves to tell stories through comics and occasionally writing. Elisa is inspired by tales of magical realism from Latin-American literature, as well as the storytelling and visual style of Japanese comics. She likes to explore themes related to the supernatural andContinue reading “July 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Elisa Villegas Cascardo”

June 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Chloe Polancich

Born in the Baltimore-Washington area, Chloe moved to Charleston, SC in her teens where she experienced the historically rich, and often humid, ‘old south’. She loves to create fictional worlds closely resembling our own. In her writing, Chloe strives to captivate and intrigue; she believes all great storytelling should leave its readers not only entertained,Continue reading “June 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Chloe Polancich”

May 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Aviv Tomé

Aviv Tomé grew up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and is a proud Latina. From middle grade fiction to high fantasy stories, you’ll find all kinds of genres in her bookshelves at home and in Atlanta. As a writing student pursuing creative and dramatic writing, Aviv loves all formats of storytelling. Getting to Know MeContinue reading “May 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Aviv Tomé”

February 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Rae Henry

Rae Henry grew up in a small town in Maryland and now lives in Atlanta with her pet snake, Theseus. She fell in love with storytelling at a young age and hasn’t stopped creating her own fictional worlds since. Rae hopes to one day publish her novels that explore not just magic and science, but analysesContinue reading “February 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features Rae Henry”

January 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features AJ Firstman

 AJ Firstman is a Georgia-born writer and MFA candidate who specializes in absurdist comedy and turning dry subjects into fun, readable pieces. AJ dreams of telling stories that make people smile and help them understand the world around them. He has no other marketable skills. AJ currently lives in Atlanta with his two cats/life coachesContinue reading “January 2021: Ivy Hall Review Features AJ Firstman”