September 2022 Feature Writer

Hannah Moseley Hannah Moseley has written for Paprika Southern, Incoming Media, Renegade Media, and SCAD Scan. She has an MFA in Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she was the previous editor of Honeycomb Literary. The Mountain in the Sea Two and a half million tourists pass through the tidal islandContinue reading “September 2022 Feature Writer”

August 2022 Feature Writer

Vivian Li Originally from Hong Kong, Vivian is a self-proclaimed “marshmallow” who finds solace in weaving words and sentences to express what she thinks and feels with language’s tools to create the finest tapestry. Giving Up Have you ever felt like you can’t keep goingAnd it seems like you’d never win?Or when it feels tooContinue reading “August 2022 Feature Writer”

July 2022 Feature Writer

Vrishti Savalani Vrishti Savalani is a third year Writing major and Dramatic Writing minor from Hong Kong. She loves to explore the stories that transpire from our everyday lives and hopes to tell these stories as a screenwriter in the future. Unrest (nonfiction) “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, IndiaContinue reading “July 2022 Feature Writer”

June 2022 Feature Writer

Skyler McCullough Skyler is a north Georgia-based Sequential Art major and Creative Writing minor. They like to create down-to-earth stories that focus on the mundane and interpersonal relationships of everyday life. Plastic Tricycle I love my brother. When I was four, I had a big plastic tricycle. It was cheap, and its seat would stickContinue reading “June 2022 Feature Writer”

April 2022 Feature Writer

Isa Rhein Isa Rhein is a third-year Photography major and Creative Writing minor from Washington DC. She hopes to create work that highlights subjects that are usually overlooked, such as mental illness and mixed cultures. This is Love My mama told me that when a person is at the age where they grow several inchesContinue reading “April 2022 Feature Writer”

March 2022 Feature Writer

Agatha Tiara Christa Agatha Tiara Christa, also known as Rara, is an Indonesian animator pursuing a BFA in Animation and a minor in Storyboard at SCAD. She wants to share stories that represent the diverse cultures of the world. Visit to see more of her work. Styrofoam Gan had prepared the styrofoam boxes. He and his brother stoodContinue reading “March 2022 Feature Writer”

February 2022 Feature Writer

Hiu Ching Cheung Ching is from Hong Kong and is studying writing at SCAD.  She is also a painter and a fiction writer. She wants to use her artwork and writing to share her culture and explore American society. Yellow The sun was bathing the ocean when the storm tossed us from the ship. The shipContinue reading “February 2022 Feature Writer”

January 2022 Feature Writer

Benjamin Greennagel Benjamin is a Miami-born writer who, try as he might, cannot suppress his affinity for things that feel magical. He loves immersive fiction, and his work often revolves around issues of family, gender identity, and sexuality. Puzzlewood The silver subway car barrels down the tunnel, slowing to a stop with a long screech.Continue reading “January 2022 Feature Writer”

December 2021: Poetry Month at Honeycomb

Jackson Williams: Jackson is a third-year student pursuing a BFA in writing. His dream is to become an educator and published author. Through poetry, he explores themes of contemporary art and his identity as an American. Sonnet for Lost Souls The old one struggles with his cigarette—A cold night on the beach; the wind isContinue reading “December 2021: Poetry Month at Honeycomb”

November 2021 Feature Writer: Chiara Atoyebi

Chiara is a second-year graduate student in the MFA writing program. She is an environmental advocate who loves to watch slow-living videos on YouTube. You can find her reading a book. Harmony Island (Excerpt) By the time I turned eighteen, I knew that my life on Harmony Island would be different because of my mother. Not aContinue reading “November 2021 Feature Writer: Chiara Atoyebi”

October 2021 Feature Writer: Greta Browne

Greta Browne, born and raised in Los Angeles, graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English Literature. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design while living and working in Washington D.C. Cupid’s Games I hadn’t thought of Ruby in monthsContinue reading “October 2021 Feature Writer: Greta Browne”