August 2022 Feature Writer

Vivian Li

Originally from Hong Kong, Vivian is a self-proclaimed “marshmallow” who finds solace in weaving words and sentences to express what she thinks and feels with language’s tools to create the finest tapestry.

Giving Up

Have you ever felt like you can’t keep going
And it seems like you’d never win?
Or when it feels too overwhelming,
And you’re seconds away from giving in?

You’ll feel like the world’s against you.
While your motivation stops flowing,
Your flame now has a tarnished hue,
And your speed is now slowing.

People will start slamming your name,
And say it isn’t worth your time anymore.
You’ll start to believe in their claims,
And you’ll think it’s time to close that door.

Remember the reason why you started.
The thing that fueled you from back when
No matter if people stayed or departed.
You picked yourself up again, and again.

Those that tell you, you won’t succeed,
Will say that because they don’t want you to,
And hope that you tumble, fall and bleed,
While they hope you don’t break through.

Keep believing that your dream was fated
Even though you were roughed and beat up.
Because nothing beautiful was ever created,
If you listened to those that told you to give up.

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