Honeycomb Literary

Honeycomb Literary is the literary journal of current and alumni students of SCAD. Formerly Ivy Hall Review, the journal reemerges tied to ideas rather than a building.

A honeycomb is a structure of adjoining cells meant to store precious material. Each month, this student-run publication is updated with the literary achievements of a new SCAD writer, adding to the legacy of the writers who came before.

Students may contact their respective editor to Contribute.

SCAD Atlanta’s Writing Program

The writing program at SCAD is unique in offering students the full breadth of professional avenues available to the modern writer. Creative writing, journalism, corporate communication, and emerging media alike challenge storytellers to broaden their scope and flex their versatility. Pieces contributed to the journal by SCAD Featured Writers often start as class projects and are indicative of the growth writers undergo during their time at SCAD.

Graduate Editor

Abbey Edmonson is a graduate student in SCAD’s MFA Writing program. She holds a BA in Journalism with minors in English and creative writing from the University of Mississippi. 

She loves writing about life’s little moments and finding the beauty in the ordinary. After school, she plans to continue her writing career in the magazine or marketing industries.

Undergraduate Editor

Annika Harley is an undergraduate student in SCAD’s BFA Writing Program. She also plans to pursue a minor in Creative Writing.

Annika loves writing slice of life stories that explore human relationships. She hopes to continue her education in an MFA writing program after her time at SCAD.