July 2012 Featured Writer: Wesley Berryman

Wesley Berryman is a fashion design student at SCAD-Atlanta. He was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and always knew that he was different from the other kids who were running around the country side. Wearing custom Versace since leaving the womb, he is devoted to fashion and plans to dominate his senior collection show before moving to New York, New York and taking over the fashion industry along side Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. 

How to Be Yourself and Not Give a Damn

First, take off that old T-shirt. Yes, that shirt you saw the popular guy wear so you bought one too. Take it off. Get a lighter. Burn it. As the flames engulf it, imagine the shirt as your insecurities. They are all burnt away, vanished into the atmosphere. Take off the rest of your clothes and burn them too.

Now that you’re naked, go to your closet. But on your way, stop by the full length mirror on your wall. Take a good look at your naked body. God, you are hot. Repeat it. I’m hot. I’m sexy. Now, go to the closet. There’s that jacket that you bought at Hollister cause you thought it was cool. Oh, and there’s those jeans with the holes. Keep looking. Find something no one else is wearing. Dig deep under all the layers of bad clothes you accumulated over the years. Found it. Bejeweled Prada leggings. Yes, put those on. Your ass looks edible in those. Oh, and there is that vintage Givenchy black patent leather jacket that’s to die for. Put it on too. Now you look totally badass. This is the most important step in not giving a damn what anyone thinks. You’re a sexy Greek god and you feel empowered by creating an outfit that is only for you.

Next, you should pick up your phone and go to your contacts. Scrolling. Ex-boyfriend? Delete. Scrolling. Friend who puts you down? Delete. Scrolling. Mom who doesn’t understand? Delete. Now that you have deleted anyone in your life who is sucking the spirit out of you, you feel more free. Next, think about all those people who made fun of you. Those football players in high school who called you a faggot. Those kids who pushed and teased you in the hall. That man who laughed in your face as you walked down the street. Think about them; picture their faces. Now cry. Cry because they are stupid. Now wipe your tears with your Versace underwear and throw it to the ground and scream, “NO! They cannot hurt me!” That’s right. Scream it. Stomp up and down. Anyone who makes fun of you is just insecure themselves and will be serving you your chicken nuggets at McDonalds.

Okay. So you’re all dressed and you’re at school. Let’s work on that walk. No more slouching with your head down. Shoulders back, head up, eyes always forward. Now walk. Work those next season Balenciaga platforms. Walk like you’re getting paid and rent is due tomorrow. Think positive words: “My name is Wesley Berryman and I have arrived.” Anything will do, as long as it empowers you. If you’re not getting empowerment from others, you have to do it yourself. Make yourself feel good. Smile while you walk. Smiling releases endorphins which make you happy. You have to trick your body to think it’s happy. Repeat, repeat, repeat and it will be true.

You’re doing so good. You look amazing. You’re feeling great. Nothing can stop you. Those clothes are just an adornment that allows your real personality to shine through. You are expressing yourself by wearing exactly what you want. At the end of the day, you are you and no one else. You have just one life to live. Just one. And it’s too short to live unhappy. So as long as you follow my instructions you will be on your way to a confident life of not giving a damn what anyone else thinks. I mean, who else is going to be wearing archive Alexander McQueen runway pieces? No one but you. Exactly.

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